1 Year         :   Rs. 130

2 Years        :   Rs. 260

5 Years        :   Rs. 650

Foreign Countries 1 Year  :    Rs. 1000 / USD $20



Back Cover Full Page (Colour)  :  Rs. 6000

Front  Inside Full Page  :  Rs. 4000

Back Inside Full Page  :  Rs. 3500

Front Inside Half Page  :  Rs. 2000

Back Inside Half Page  : Rs. 1750

Inner BW Half Page  : Rs. 1500

Quarter Page : Rs. 500

Favours Received : Rs. 500

Matrimonial : Rs. 500


Send Your Subscription Directly Via  NEFT

Bank Details     : State Bank of Hyderabad, Chengannur

IFSC Code   :  SBHY0020782

Account  Name    :    Bethel Patrika

A/c No.    :  52114865915

SWIFT routing formats for sending remittances from abroad to

STATE BANK OF HYDERABAD for crediting NRE/NRO accounts to the

Account  of   Bethel Patrika.


SWIFT/ routing formats for sending remittance in USD

Pay to (Name and address of our correspondent Bank)

Bank of America, New York (Swift code BOFAUS3N),

via chips ABA 0959 for Account UID002473 or via Fedwire 026009593


For credit of State Bank of Hyderabad, Treasury Department, Mumbai, India.


Nostro A/C No. 6550992180

Beneficiary Bank: State Bank of Hyderabad Chengannur Branch

Branch Beneficiary Name: Bethel Patrika

A/c No: 52114865915

Branch: Chengannur


Acknowledge with a mail to

or Call  Helpline +919447431096 (24x7)


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                   · By introducing Bethel Patrika to others

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                     Birthdays, Death Anniversaries, Favorers Received etc..) 

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