H.G. Thomas Mar Athanasios, became the first Metropolitan of the Diocese of Chengannur on 1st August 1985. He is the son of Kizhakkethalakkal Late K.T. Thomas who was the brother of the great treasure and beauty of Malankara Orthodox Church Geevarugese Mar Philoxinos and Aleyamma on 3rd April 1938. He had his primary education in Puthencavu and Alapuzha, High School in M.D.Seminary Kottayam, Intermediate from C.M.S College Kottayam, B.Sc from S.B.College, Chaganacherry, B.Ed from N.S.S College, Chaganacherry B.D from Serampore College, Calcutta and M.Ed from M.S University, Baroda.

     His Grace is celebrated as an educationalist, eminent administrator and a pioneer priest in organising congregations in the villages of western India like Andheri and Bandhra in Maharastra,Udhaipur in Rajastan, Vapi, Balsar, Surat, Beruch, Anand, Bhavanagar, Mohsana, Rajgaht, Porbandar, Veravel in Gujarat. His grace founded 6 schools in Gujarat. These schools including The Gujarat Refinery English Medium School are functioning under Trust of the Society of St. Basil.

His Grace devoted his life to the Church and to the welfare of the needy brethren of the society. There are many Educational Institutions that seek his advice and apart from the busy schedule of a Bishop, he finds time to devote to the all round development of students. His approach in Education is completely child oriented and nothing is more important to him than the welfare of the students. He always has novel ideas improving teaching techniques among teachers. His Grace took within even mediocre children and made them brilliant. Today there are hundreds of “his children” who are successful Doctors, Engineers, Teachers, Architects, Researchers and varied Professionals.

His Grace was Secretary of Holy Episcopal Synod, the Catholicate & M.D.Schools Manager, Akhila Malankara Balasamagam President Akhila Malankara Prarthana Yogam President and Church Accounts Committee President of our Church. Now His Grace is the President of Divyasandesam, Visual Media Communications & Malankara Orthodox Church Publications of our Church. Even though he is very busy with various activities he goes through effectively and punctually every minute details of the activities of the Diocese.

His Grace gives maximum importance to spiritual organisations. Mar Philoxenos Research & Guidance Centre & Library , Vidyajyothi a unique programme for excellence in secular education and Philox School of Liturgical Music are three innovative ideas introduced in this diocese. Every year His Grace gives training for the Parish office bearers like the Vicar, the Kaikaran, the Secretary and the Managing Committee Members. This year His Grace started a training Programme for Alter assistants who serves in the Madhbaha of different parishes.

Moreover the “Daiva vili Sangam”, a nursery for budding priests and nuns, is a unique activity of the Diocese. A Pre-Marital Counseling Programme is started which conduct its sessions on every 2nd Saturdays.

The Suvisesha Sangam - a fellowship of all the office bearers of the various spiritual organisations in the Diocese is the missionary wing of the Diocese.

The Parish Council is yet another innovative idea of the Diocese. The Vicar, the Kaikaran, the Secretary and the office bearers (Vice-President, Secretary & Trustee) of various spiritual organisations in a Parish constitute the Parish Council. They meet every three months and review the functioning of the spiritual organisations in the Parishes.

Mar Athanasios

(Therum Theraliyum)